How You Can Make Your Android Smartphone Run Faster

The idea of owning a smartphone has become everybody’s wish in the current world. Many people try to struggle so that they can get funds to buy the best smartphone in the market. The question that arises is how you can take care of your smartphone so that it does not spoil within the shortest time possible.

It’s quite common for Android smartphone to feel well somewhat sluggish after a while considering there are plenty of apps you are able to download and running at the same time. Maybe you try to download some other application to take care this condition but rather then making it much better, you feel your smartphone have awful performance even though you clean it by using those applications. there is also a way, however, to manually clean and check your smartphone performance very easily, without further ado let’s find out how to enable your Android smartphone to run faster below

reduced your smartphone setting

Just like your PC, your mobile phone look, display, themes, can slow down its performance. To be sure your smartphone doesn’t have way too much effect, animation and such, you can set up your phone by a head to setting > display > and uncheck anything you feel doesn’t necessary for your phone.

Improve Your Firmware

The firmware update is certainly essential for every operating system, software, and every other thing which need an update. The developer keeps working hard to make your Android work even better, more optimized, and bug-free. With an update, not just your Android general performance will go better, you can also have any latest feature, bug removes, and prevent your device receive an error that you don’t need to see for sure.

-Resetting Your Device

This can be a worse scenario you don’t need to do, if your device begins to hang, unable to use, and hell sluggish as Pentium 1 desktop probably resetting your mobile phone to its default factory state is the most effective option to make it better. Just remember to back-up any important data like the message, contact, document, as well as any other thing to your Micro Sd

-Turn off Browser Plug-in

The cell phone browser plug-in on your Android is actually not really that needed, because with a smaller display screen and limited capability your surfing activity will be sufficient with no plug-in on the browser. Sometimes this plug-in also run an operation which usually you didn’t know and make your gadget run slowly. To switch off this plug-in on the default browser you can click here on Setting-enable plug-in-choose on demand

-Check Your Memory

If the mobile phone has smaller internal memory space, you will want to move any kind of big file such as program and the like into your external memory. This is the most basic of all method, you should clear up some space to ensure there is enough space around for system cache, residue file, and several another thing in your Android to ensure the system works correctly.