Get Ahead of the Game the Instant Way – For Legends Only

Imagine if the world was to become a physical arena like your favorite virtual game – League of Legends? Each encounter would be an awesome but rather frightening adventure to dig in!


Seriously, on a very thoughtful note, taking into consideration all the losses you must go through to increase your skill level in the world of League of Legends, we are all happy to confess that this is a reality that we rather skip in both the physical world and the virtual world. So, worry not my fellow virtual friend… gone are the hours, days and weeks that you may have had to invest for the greater purpose of mastering your account from a mere Level 0 to Level 30.


How may you ask? By purchasing your own Level 30 NA Unranked League of Legends Account. Get your new account by clicking on the following link it’s simple as that. By clicking on the above link, you are provided with 3 variations of Level 30 Accounts. It’s like a buffet, so be prepared to feast yourself. (Although by popular demand the availability of accounts tends to go out of stock quite quickly, so make sure you don’t allow yourself to hesitate otherwise someone may just snatch it right under your nose). You may opt for the first option of a Level 30 account with Hand Leveled 110 – 120 Champions currently on sale from $29.99 to $24.99. Or you may opt for the Level 30 Account was a hefty bounty of 20,000+ Blue Essence is provided in your purchase, therefore you may decide yourself how to invest such BE towards your desired champions just for $29.99.


Ultimately you can easily opt for the premium Level 30 Account reduced from $49.99 to $39.99, this guarantees you with Hand-Leveled 50-60 Champions. All provided payment gateways may facilitate the payment process such as Paypal, Paysafecard, Skrill, and Visa. Adding the bonus of peace of mind of a legit service that provides such secure payment gateways. So what are you waiting for, Go on… Click the link and don’t forget to be a legend!